MoorFutures in Brandenburg

We can assure our MoorFuture investors that their funds are used exclusively for viable, long-term projects that are of direct benefit to our climate and nature. You are very welcome to visit our project sites any time to see for yourself what your contribution is used for. 

Anita Tack,
Minister for Environment, Health and Consumer Protection of Brandenburg 

Invest in peatlands!

Dear innovators and pioneers,

We are all aware of the devastating consequences of climate change, which are already affecting many people all over the world, also in Europe. Companies and organisations that want to pursue a long-term strategy of success and competitiveness need to take their responsibility for climate change seriously, by becoming more sustainable and reducing or offsetting their greenhouse gas emissions. This is why a number of voluntary organisations and government agencies in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern have developed MoorFutures, an investment product for the voluntary carbon market that enables companies and organisations to improve their climate balance.

I am delighted that our idea has been taken up by the state of Brandenburg, which now offers a similar product. Together with Anita Tack, Minister for the Environment, Health and Consumer Protection of Brandenburg, I wish to encourage you to make a meaningful contribution towards the sustainable protection of our environment and climate.

Please read on to find out more about MoorFutures and what you can do to improve our climate and environment – here and now in Germany!

Yours sincerely

Dr. Till Backhaus
Minister for....... 


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